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Game of Thrones by George RR Martin (fantasy)

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Sons of Anarchy
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The Fall/Lee Pace
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Spike, ladies and gentlemen.

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What you did to Opie and his family proves one thing; you’re desperate, cause you got nothing on us. It kills you, doesn’t it? To see me and my guys living good lives. Families, friends, nice homes. You hate the fact that we get the same rights and freedoms as you do. — Season 1

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Oh, I’m gonna destroy you. Destroy us? We’re the ones with the proof of the first daughter whoring it up- These are children, you sick sons of bitches!

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History is made in a few seconds, in a pinpoint of time, when the individual’s entire being is at is height, but it is made on the basis of what the person really is when shorn of the accretion of superficial habit which life brings to us all. It is only a step from one moment to another, a step to heroism or mediocrity … She lives in history because of those few hours on this one night. Everything that followed is the epilogue.

—Marie Antoinette: The Tragic Queen by Dorothy Moulton Mayer

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Hannibal Meme | [3/3] three colors: yellow

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Deleted scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [x]

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In the Blood

If I ever (finally) reach my next hundred, should I do like…I don’t know…a promo or a tumblr awards or some shit?

No point in doing a follow forever. I got one of those.